British Stainless Steel  

Patent No. PCT/GB2011/051824

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Check the Knob and Thread are locked together and turn together, if not place the key in lock and turn.  Make sure they are locked together and then remove the key.

To Lock and leave screw the knob assembly to the lock bar and place under the door, adjust the front foot to the height of the door

Pull the door shut using the knob and the door handle.  You can also thread the lanyard through the finger pull

Tighten the knob till the door is held closed, test the door and if necessary tighten a little more.  Once the door is secure turn the key in the knob and ensure that it is turning freely and has disengaged from the thread.   Remove the key and don’t forget to put it somewhere safe for when you return.

To Lock yourself in

Screw the knob assembly to the lock bar as illustrated, push firmly under the door and tighten the knob, no need for the key.  You can also use the lock and leave method inside the room with the knob on the inside.  

You can also use the lock out method.

With the knob on the inside of the door.

Screw the adjustable foot up tight first.